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Desktop Publishing

(DTP) simply means using your desktop computer to produce printed pieces of work. With the advent of the personal computer, anyone with access to the necessary hardware and software can create desktop published pieces of work, often by combining text and graphics. You can use the following pieces of software to create DTP documents: Microsoft Word, AppleWorks, KidPix, Microsoft Publisher.
  • Adding and formatting text
  • Inserting and moving graphics
  • Manipulating page layouts

  • How Our Training Works
    Option 1: One-On-One Training :
    First, we will review your current needs, processes, and goals. Then, we share best practices, tips, tricks, and secrets that will get you your desired results. Next, we will apply what you learned to real-world business IT situations. This way, you can get

    immediate answers to your questions. We will tailor the training to meet your needs. If you identify a specific step or challenge as a hurdle, we will focus on that.
    Option 2: Group Training :
    This class uses real-world challenges to educate you and your colleagues on how to conceptualize clear, communicative, compelling ideas. First, we will review your company's current needs, processes, and goals. We will tailor the training to share best practices, tips, tricks, and secrets that solve you and your group's challenges and achieve the company's goals.

    All training is performed by either our experienced and eloquent trainers. They are professional trainers and public speakers. Stephotec's expert instructors have provided reliability education to thousands of audience in Schools, Offices, Organizations, Groups, and we have consistently received

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